8 Simple Ways To Get Dog Hair Out Of Your Carpet

dog hair out of carpet

As a dog owner, dealing with dog hair around the house is an unavoidable challenge. No matter how often you brush or sweep the floors, those hairs always seem to end up woven into the fibers of your carpets. While a few hairs here and there may not seem like a big deal, over time they can accumulate and make your floor carpets look dingy and worn.

The good news is that it’s not as hard as it looks to get dog hair out of  home rugs. We’ll show you 8 ways to get dog hair out of carpet in this article. A lot of these methods use everyday things that you probably already have in your home.

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8 Most Effective Ways to Get the Dog Hairs Out of Carpet

Vacuum Gently

One great way to keep dog hair out of your carpets is to vacuum them often. At least twice a week, clean places that get a lot of use and where your dog likes to hang out. This gets rid of new hairs on top of the carpet before they get squished into the fibers.

It’s also helpful to use a vacuum cleaner with features made to get rid of pet hair. You should look for vacuums with strong suction and add-ons like crevice tools that can help you clean in corners and other tight spaces.

Use a Squeegee or Rubber Broom

To clean the carpet, just sweep it over it in long, even strokes. It won’t hurt the carpet because the rubber brushes will grab hairs and pull them up. Rubber brooms and squeegees cost less and can be bought at many grocery stores, hardware shops, or online. Always have one on hand for quick fixes when your rugs look hairy.

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Try a Dryer Sheet

Here’s one of the simple ways to get dog hair out of your carpet. Consider using something you probably already have on hand: dryer sheets. You may easily clean your carpet by rubbing an old (or new) dryer sheet over its surface. Dog hair will be easier to lift and cling to dryer sheets due to their anti-static characteristics.

For heavier amounts of hair, try lightly misting the carpet with water first to create more static electricity before rubbing it with the dryer sheet. This affordable trick delivers shockingly good results!

Attach Pantyhose to the Vacuum Brush Roll

Turn that lone orphan pantyhose into a DIY pet hair removal tool! Simply cut off one leg from a pair of clean pantyhose and stretch the leg over the bristle brush roll on your vacuum cleaner.

As you vacuum as usual, the nylon material will attract and grab dog hair that would normally slip off a regular brush roll. When the pantyhose is covered with hair, remove it and throw it in the trash. Replace it with a new section of pantyhose leg to keep removing hair.

Use a Squeeze Water Bottle

Here’s another tip for cleaning your carpet that you probably already have at home. To begin, wet the part of your carpet that has dog hair with a little water. Pull an empty water or soda bottle across the carpet and roll it from one side of the wet spot to the other.

The bottle pushes down on carpet fibers while the suction draws up the dampened dog hair. The water provides extra friction that makes this quick trick work extremely well.

Apply Dry Shampoo Powder

Sprinkle some dry shampoo powder designed for dogs onto your carpet and let it sit for about 5 minutes. These formulated powder products are made to cling to pet hair. Allow some time for the powder to naturally become charged and grab onto hairs.

After letting it sit, run a vacuum over the area to extract both the powder and the hair in one step. Dry shampoo is very affordable and lasts a long time – making this tactic extremely budget-friendly.

Use an Electric Carpet Rake

Electric carpet rakes use the power of static electricity to attract and remove dog hair from carpets. Simply turn it on and slowly push it across your carpet – the rubber bristles will stand up as they generate static, pulling hair up from the base of your carpets along the way.

Electric carpet rakes are more expensive than some other options on our list. However, they make removing pet hair extremely easy since the device does all the hard work for you. It also saves your back because you don’t have to bend over and vigorously rub the carpet by hand.

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It may seem like you’re always having to deal with dog hair around the house, but this list should give you hope that there are many simple ways to get dog hair out of your carpet. If you keep up with normal maintenance like vacuuming and have the right tools, you can keep pet hair from taking over your carpets.

Instead of letting the hair build up over time, it’s best to do a little bit of quick removal every so often. Remember to use at least one of these cleaning methods at least twice a week by setting an alarm. You’ll quickly see that your rugs look better than ever.


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