Get Top Quality LVT Flooring Dubai 2024

As a reliable supplier, we provide high-quality LVT flooring in Dubai. Our top-quality flooring offers realistic patterns of wood, ceramic tile, and stone flooring. Order today to get a 10% discount.

We Provide Highly Durable LVT Flooring In Dubai

At our flooring store in Dubai, luxury vinyl tile flooring is designed with modern technology and a fused layer of PVC to make it durable. Additionally, we pay great attention to quality standards while manufacturing our lvt flooring Dubai.

Strictly Follow Quality Standards

0% Defect Rate During Manufacturing

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Explore Different Types Of LVT Flooring in Dubai

Self Adhesive Vinyl Flooring

These types of LVT flooring are very quick to install and do not need glue. They have adhesive layers on the back and a protective coating.

Glue Down LVT Flooring

The glue-down LVT flooring is more durable and best for high-traffic areas. It is strictly attached to the floor to provide a stable space.

Interlocking Vinyl Tiles

These tiles do not require additional glue or adhesive to stick to the floor. They are designed with an interlocking system to join different tiles together.

Loose Lay Vinyl planks

The loose-lay vinyl plank flooring adhere to the tiles by friction. These planks are tightly attached to the subfloor for maximum underfoot comfort.

Let us inspire you

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Shop Luxury Vinyl Tiles In Dubai At Low Rates

Our store is the first choice for UAE residents who want to buy premium-quality LVT flooring in Dubai at affordable prices. We keep LVT floor prices very affordable so that everyone can easily buy them to improve their floors’ beauty.

No Compromise On Quality
Use of A-grade Materials
Flexible Pricing
LVT Flooring Dubai

Explore Our Latest LVT Flooring Collection In UAE

lvt flooring collection


lvt flooring sample


lvt flooring sample dubai


lvt flooring collection dubai


lvt flooring sample in dubai


lvt flooring in dubai


lvt flooring dubai


luxury vinyl tile flooring collection dubai


lvt flooring sample dubai


lvt flooring collection dubai


LVT flooring Dubai

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Countless Benefits Of Our LVT Flooring In Dubai

Due to appealing LVT flooring designs and colors, these floor treatments will elevate your place’s overall aesthetics and functionality. Furthermore, our flooring also provides countless benefits, some of which are below. Let’s explore:

Easy Cleaning

Easy Cleaning

The non-porous surface of LVT flooring dubai does not allow dust and debris to tarp and allows quickest and easiest cleaning

Damage Resistance

Damage Resistance

Our premium-quality vinyl tiles are designed with a wear layer that protects it from dents, scratches, and wear and tear for several years.

Sound Insulation

Sound Insulation

The vinyl tiles at our store have a cushioned underlayer that absorbs noise from the surroundings and provides sound insulation.



Our LVT flooring is a cost-effective floor treatment that mimics wooden or stone flooring without needing much money.

Get Flawless Installation Of LVT Flooring By Our Team

Are you looking for experienced and certified installers of LVT flooring in Dubai? Then there is no need to search anymore; we are here to assist you. We follow different installation methods, such as glue-down, click-method, and rigid core.

Additionally, our installers will analyze the condition of your floor and the type of flooring you choose and select the installation method accordingly. You can also hire us to maintain your pre-installed LVT flooring at affordable rates.

Our Latest LVT Flooring Dubai Projects

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lvt flooring dubai
lvt flooring dubai
lvt flooring in dubai
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lvt flooring dubai
lvt flooring uae
lvt flooring in dubai
lvt flooring in dubai
lvtv flooring dubai

Ideal Places To Install Our LVT Flooring In Dubai

Our LVT flooring uses premium-quality material with multiple layers to make it durable. Moreover, its beautiful design and patterns make it best for all spaces residential, commercial and workspaces.

Residential Spaces

Our luxury flooring, with its beautiful designs and appealing patterns, is best for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and lounges.

Commercial Places

Due to their rigid and durable layers, our LVT flooring Dubai withstands high-traffic areas like gyms, restaurants, retail stores, etc

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How To Avail Our LVT Flooring Services In UAE?


Browse the Website

Browse the Website

Explore our catalog of LVT flooring in Dubai to check our latest collection, 2024.


Discuss Details

Discuss Details

Contact our team to discuss the details and concerns regarding the floor treatment.


Get A Free Quotation

Get A Free Quotation

We will analyze your provided requirements with great attention to send a free quotation.


Confirm Your Order

Confirm Your Order

You can confirm your order if you have no issue with our provided quotation and budgets.

lvt flooring dubai

Why Choose Us For LVT Flooring Dubai?

Free Samples

We will provide free samples of LVT flooring; if you are satisfied with the quality, then you can order.

Consultation Session

We also offer free consultation sessions to our customers so that they can buy the perfect for your places.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Our team ensures that our customers are 100% satisfied with our services and LVT flooring dubai quality.

Prompt Response

Our customer support members are active 24/7 and promptly respond to customers’ concerns and questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our LVT flooring is highly water resistant. It is designed with a protective layer that will protect the core layer from moisture damage. This makes it ideal for use in the kitchen, bathrooms, and other moisture-prone areas at your home or workplace.

No, it does not scratch easily because it is designed with a hard wear layer that acts as a barrier to protect it from stains, scratches, and cracks. So, these LVT floors are ideal for homes with pets and children. Call us to order our pet-friendly flooring.

This flooring is designed with genuine materials that make our floor treatment durable. Moreover, this flooring will last around 10 to 15 years in its best condition without cracks. Besides all that, if you use them with great care, they can last around 18 to 20 years.

Its color will stay vibrant for years if it is not exposed to direct sunlight for a longer period of time. However, longer exposure to sunlight can cause faded color. So, always make sure to keep curtains closed to protect the flooring from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Fixit Carpet is the ideal brand for buying high-quality LVT flooring in Dubai at a very affordable price. We offer precise installation and free consultation sessions. Furthermore, you can buy flooring online from the comfort of your home.

There is no need to install the additional underlayment with vinyl flooring because its dedicated underlayment is more than enough to provide a cushioning effect and maximum underfoot comfort. The ideal thickness of these flooring is around 0.8 to 0.9 inches.

Need More Details About LVT Flooring?

If you want to get in-depth information about our LVT flooring materials, style, and patterns before ordering, you can contact our team anytime without any hassle. We will always be available to assist our customers with great pleasure.

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