Luxury vinyl plank flooring

 Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Dubai Makes Your Entire Place Fantastic

Looking for the best vinyl plank flooring Dubai? If yes, then Fixit Carpet is the right place to choose from. Our vinyl wood plank flooring is the perfect flooring solution because of the easy installation approach. These planks have the power to entice the entire room.

Being the top suppliers of these vinyl plank floors, we offer both residential and vinyl plank flooring for commercial use as well. Vinyl floors are said to be more versatile when we compare them in the battle of SPC flooring vs. luxury vinyl plank because of the following pros:

Luxury vinyl plank floors offer a plush surface to walk on.

Our Oak vinyl plank flooring lasts for many years without losing glossiness.

If you don’t want to mess up during the installation, then choose LVP, as its installation is a perfectly effortless task.

Vinyl Plank Floor Dubai is very easy to maintain as well.

Waterproof vinyl plank flooring can also be used in bathrooms and kitchens.


Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Dubai Is The Best Flooring Choice

These vinyl planks are manufactured under the supervision of highly competent experts. These floors are manufactured as multilayers for increased serviceability and durability. Let us have a look at the creative LVT flooring and technical details of the vinyl plank floors in Dubai.

    • The thickness of each LVP plank ranges from 4 mils to 40 mils.
    • The top protection coat layer has a thickness of about 2.76 mils, which is the wear layer.
    • This floor is completely UV protected and will not get damaged even if exposed to the sun.
    • Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Dubai can serve you for up to 10 years.
Best vinyl plank flooring

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    Vinyl plank flooring dubai


    Add Luxury To Your Lifestyle With Our Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Dubai

    The LVP floors provide you with the most authentic features that are going to help you change your overall living standards. Our high-quality luxury vinyl plank flooring has incredible qualities that will make your life completely luxurious and engaging.

    The overall scenario of your interiors will be overwhelmed with beauty and luxury after the installation of our LVP flooring in Dubai. These floors will cast a powerful spell of beauty on the minds of the viewers. Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Dubai is undoubtedly the most obvious choice ever if you want to give your place a really subtle and appealing look.

    We are the most famous and well-reputed suppliers of luxury vinyl plank floors, so we never compromise on the manufacturing standards of these floors. Besides healthy manufacturing, we also offer different services like laminate flooring delivery and installation at your doorstep at cheap rates. Our workers are highly efficient and know how to do the job perfectly.


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    Why Choose Us For Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Dubai?

    Our company is the top-notch luxurious vinyl plank flooring supplier not only in Dubai but also operates in the entire United Arab Emirates. The top priority of our flooring company is to provide clients with value-added LVP floors at affordable rates.

    Our Mission

    Luxury vinyl plank flooring

    We make no compromise on the quality of our products and always try to facilitate the clients by keeping the price tag of these products low. In addition, we offer the most perfect installation services at your doorstep. Our entire floor-fixing crew is very professional as well.

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